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The Nailwal Fellowship offers $50k to individuals who want to build the future of Web3.

The Nailwal Fellowship.

I am excited to announce the launch of the Nailwal Fellowship, a $50k grant enabling aspiring builders across the globe to leave their jobs in web2 and pursue building in web3 full time.

I’m incredibly proud to commit millions of my personal wealth to support aspiring builders in their journey from web2 to web3. Through The Nailwal Fellowship, me and my team at Symbolic Capital will pick cohorts of 10 Fellows each year, with each cohort lasting for a period of 6 months.

In this current bear market, it’s become a daunting prospect to leave a cushy job at companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. and start building in web3. I want to provide the resources and financial security needed for web2's brightest minds to drop everything and confidently make the leap to join the web3 movement.

$50k in Grant Money

Each Nailwal Fellow will receive $50k in grant money as well as access to exceptional resources in order to spend 6 months entirely focused on trying new ideas and building in web3. Embracing the ethos of web3, I have intentionally made the selection process broad. I’m open to applications from all walks of life, regardless of age and geographical origin.

I don’t care how old you are, what color your skin is, or where you are from. If you are committed to dropping everything you are doing and going all in on building in web3, the Nailwal Fellowship has a place for you!

Mentorship and Support from our Partners

Recipients of the Nailwal Fellowship will be expected to spend 6 months entirely focused on developing, prototyping, and refining startup ideas and applications in web3. Fellows will receive access to a suite of resources during their 6 months, including hands-on mentorship and support from our partners and access to founder and investor networks.

While not a requirement of participation, any Fellow who goes on to found a company within one year of their Fellowship will have access to further funding opportunities from Symbolic Capital.

The program is designed to be remote-first in order to attract founders from all over the globe, but there will be coworking and networking opportunities in New York, San Francisco, Dubai, and India for those interested in in-person connections during their time as a Fellow. While broad in scope, the Nailwal Fellowship seeks to attract individuals with technical backgrounds who are committed to building tangible products and dapps during their 6 month fellowship.

The Impact I Want to Have

I’m extremely fortunate to be at a point in my career where I’m able to think about the change in the world I want to catalyze. For me, that is through leveraging my position of privilege in this space to support and invest in the future of web3. To accomplish this, I’ve set up a trio of new ventures: Symbolic Capital, Beacon, and now the Nailwal Fellowship. With Symbolic, I can invest in late stage projects with proven traction, with Beacon (web3 accelerator), I’m seeding the most promising teams at the earliest stages, and with the Nailwal Fellowship, I’m now able to support the top individual builders and bring them into the world of web3.

Apply Now

The Nailwal Fellowship began accepting applications May 15th and will close on June 30th, 2023. Learn more about the program here.


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